Hi All,

New here, but joined a while ago. With other household activities, havent really been to active.
However, I was hoping you all, the pros, could help me out.

There are a ton of posts about the needs for clutching when going UP in tire size, however, for racing, I’m looking to drop in tire size. I’m currently on the stock wheel/tire setup (29x9x14 and 29x11x14). I found a great deal and picked up some Rocks and Trails edition beadlocks (I wanted to keep a narrow width, as I race in the woods, and some series rules have a max width of 65″-ish)
Im looking to drop to either a 28″ tall tire, or even a 27″ tall tire. I’ve got friends who have run Arisun Aftershocks with great success. I was also looking at Dirt Commanders, as you can possibly get bonus points for the heartland challenge race, if you run a GBC tire, but as I dont have the budget for Tire Spines, at the moment, I am leaning towards the Arisuns as they seem to get less flats.

Enough background… here is the question:
Will i have any issues with dropping tire size, and keeping the stock clutch for a season? With a smaller size, i imagine I will end up with a smaller tire weight, and the weight will be on a shorter radius from the rotational center of the wheel, thus having less drag effect when taking off. Im hoping the beadlock wheels will add neglible extra weight, as the goal of going down in tire size is to reduce weight and make acceleration greater.

Will i spin too high of RPMs? Will i have any other issue?
Can anyone help me with tips, info, tricks, etc?

Thank you all!
– Sean

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