There seems to be some different torque numbers in the 2017 shop manual. 120 or 180 lbs. Mine says 180 in my owners manual and confirmed with a Polaris dealer. I just re-torqued the wheel bearings to 180 lbs (I was at 120 because here on the forum the accepted theory was that 120 was enough.) When I tried to get the cotter pins out on the back axles I found that the castle nuts had backed off and were tight against the cotter pins. So 180 it is, at least for me.
My bearings are not sealed bearings (mine have the slot in the middle of the bearing on the inside, 12 pumps) like I have heard that the 17 XPT has. My friend has a 17 900 S and was told by the dealer he had sealed bearings in his. Very confusing and not very consistent.

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