2015 1000XP

100 Mile ride on Thursday, with no issues.

About 20 miles into our ride on Friday, I got the Power Steering and check engine light, with code 84 (Speed Sensor).

Ran in low at 5000 RPM’s for 30 seconds, the light cleared.

Ran about another 10 miles, and suddenly I cannot go over 40 MPH’s. Acceleration up to 40 MPH is normal. Hit 40 MPH and nothing happens. No more acceleration and the RPM’s are solid. No Code. Acceleration up to 40 hits 8200 RPM’s then hold steady around 6800 at 40 MPH.

Shut the machine off and let it sit for 10 minutes, issue remained.

Changed the belt as it was the easiest thing to do out on the trail. Ran great for about 10 Miles, and then the same issue occurred.

Limped back to camp, swapped out the speed sensor with my buddies and no change. Disconnected the Negative battery terminal for 20 minutes, no change.

Spider Nut appears to be good (can see about two threads).

I am now leaning towards a wiring issue with the speed sensor harness, or a clutching issue.

Pulled the frog skins off completely (although they were clean)

Pulled the Air Filter

Swapped out the belt again

Swapped in a different primary clutch

Swapped in a different secondary clutch

No change in the above performance, although occasionally getting an O2 sensor code – 520209 5

It’s not the EFI Relay or the spark plugs /plug wires

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