I’ve only been on this forum for about 3 months, and (fortunately) in that time I haven’t seen any threads about blown axles. Obviously that’s a good thing, but hearing about experiences of people breaking things can also be a good way to learn what not to do. I want to go with 32″ inch tires when the stockers wear out, and so far from asking around it sounds like that should be OK on the stock axles. But is that for just putting around? What about hard rock crawling, racing, etc.? What personal experiences or stories have you guys heard about XP1K’s breaking axles and what were the contributing factors? If not the axle shaft itself, what is the failure point to watch out for? And I’ve seen the videos of idiots crashing, I’m more referring to standard operating conditions (whether that be going hard in the dunes, crawling, racing….).
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