I am not sure where to start with this one. 2016 XP1K 2 seat; I figured I broke in the belt fairly decently and, after about 2 hours of riding at the dunes, I blew apart a brand new gates belt. It smelled like it was burning every time I got on the gas before it blew. I replaced it with a used carlisle that I had and while that at least held up for the remainder of the weekend, was giving me misfire codes all day and still smelled when I got on the gas. The machine didn’t feel like it accelerated as it had with the stock setup. Not sure if others are having luck with the dalton clutch, I’m set up with aluminum rivets and tried both 2 long and 1 short screw in the weights and 3 long screws. Max RPM seemed to have been around 8300, made it to ~70mph with room to go. Do I just shell out for the OEM belt and hope for the best? I’m already way deeper into a 1.5 year old machine with 1200 miles that I think I should be.
Clutch mods this winter include:
Dalton Adjustable kit
HD secondary rollers
BRAND NEW primary
BRAND NEW Gates belt

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