My clutch secondary spins a little bit when I am at idle. Sometimes faster than others. Makes it a little hard to shift.

I used an alignment tool to make sure the shafts were the right distance apart. Loosened transmission mounting bolts, adjusted, re-torqued in sequence listed in service manual. Alignment tool now slides on/off easily. But it did not fix the problem.

It seems that the secondary is not lined up with the primary. Looks like the belt is rubbing on the outer sheave. I used a Sharpie and scribbled on the sheaves, then ran it at idle for a bit, then checked. The ink was rubbed off the outer primary sheave. Did it again to be sure.

2017 XP1K with 3P clutch kit. I’ve discussed it with the guy who makes the kit. But he has not yet suggested how to fix the rubbing issue which is not his kit’s fault.
How do I go about lining up the secondary properly? Shims? Machining?

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