I was checking my clutch setup today and gave Todd over at Hunterworks a call. could not really figure out what was wrong if anything at all. I figure i would post up here and see if anyone recognizes this issue.

I have a 2017 XP1K with the Hunterworks.com Dalton Setup.
33″ tires
HMF Full exhaust and intake with
EVO Stage 3 tune

bike is weight loaded with roof, lights, tool boxes, cooler, winch, etc

Im getting about 8350 RPM and topping out @ about 65mph

after 2 of those WOT runs, Im looking at belt temps of about 220-240 with 90 degree day outside.

belt temps go back down eventually

I have the round sliders in the secondary along with the green Spring, aluminum rivets and 3 set screws in each weight

does this sound about right to you guys?



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