I come to you a converted man. At the tender young age of 53, I have had an epiphany, if you will.

Last evening I found myself at the old ranch alone. No wife, no kids, nothing much to do and was standing in the shop looking out over the farm land when I got the itch to just go for a run in something. So, I climbed into the 1000XP, buckled up and just rolled out on the empty gravel road headed west.

After letting it warm up, I rolled into the throttle and just felt the fun of feeling the rear tires bust loose and kick rocks as it shot up to 80mph. I’d slow down, wave as I drove by my neighbors farms and then I’d lay into it again and again. Five miles into town, quick U turn by the church on the edge of town and more of the same on the way home.

When I got back, I sat down, grabbed a cool one and reflected on all of the toys and cool things I’ve owned in my life…. and there is a long, LONG list of crazy stuff…
30 plus Harleys and Choppers
over a dozen various muscle and sport bikes including ZX-11’s, GSXR1000’s and a few ‘Busas.
By my loose count, I’ve owned 2 dozen hot rods, gassers, custom 70’s vans, big blocks, small blocks, drag cars, street racers, v8 vegas, old vette’s new vette’s and I even have a ZL1 Camaro and a big block 55 chevy gasser hidden around here as I write this….

I’ve been over 200mph on the ground and done a bunch of wild things in my life…. and well….

NOTHING makes me smile quite as much as this crazy, basically bone stock RZR 1000 on a vacant gravel road. Who would have thunk?

So, if you are sitting on the fence about if it would fun to have one? Trust me, it’s fun..

Have a good night.

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