Edit: Hold off on doing this until I do more testing / research. I obviously didn’t have a good connection last night with my meter. After installing a switch I flipped the speedometer off and the light on the switch lit up. (Nothing was hooked to the “power” terminal on the switch, just the load and ground. It was just one I had sitting around.) After sticking my meter on it again I’m showing 5v between the PIN 12 and ground, so I need to try and find out how the M-RZR’s are wired up. Time to hunt for a schematic.

Hey all, this may be well known but a search for “Blackout mode” and “shut off speedometer lights” turned up nothing.

To the point: Grounding Pin 12 in the cluster turns off all the speedometer lights.

Long: While reading the schematic / troubleshooting for the speedometer I saw that Pin 12 showed “Blackout Mode”. When I searched it only came up in threads about the Military RZRs, which have an I.R. option, so it only made sense that it killed some / all the lights. And, since I also read that if the speedometer didn’t work then “blackout mode” could be switched on, it seemed like a simple mod to try.

Since the bright blue lights bother my eyes at night I decided to see what would happened if I grounded that pin. The speedometer lights shut off and everything else on the RZR stayed lit. Success!

The pins you need are Delphi part#12084912. (Search ebay, Mouser, or go to your local GM dealership and tell them you need some terminals from “Delphi Tray 5”.)

Hope this helps someone else!

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