Having a 3% sales tax on most all items this weekend in Louisiana. So off I went to look at 900S. They had a left over 2016 XP 1000 for 16,459 after riding the 900S, 1000S and then the XP1000 could not pass up the deal.
So I started with an 800XC and a 900-4 Orange Madness and after selling those, I realized I missed riding Mena,AR, Brimstone and other places. I will try tapatalk to post a picture. Have added white F/R pre-runner bumpers and white rock shield. Just ordered a Audio Formz roof with with led lights and 8″ speakers (4). Power sliding down a gravel road at 50 mph trying to break it in very carefully, even at partial throttle this is all the power this old man needs.
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