Well, I just received my Alba Racing chain tensioner in the mail. I’m trying to decide if it is truly necessary to remove the valve cover. I even heard one person didn’t even try to get the motor to top dead center. He just let the RZR sit for a few days allowing the oil to bleed out of his OEM Polaris tensioner (releasing the tension on timing chain), then removed the old and replaced with the new (this seems very logical to me). My RZR has been sitting for over a week so I’m very tempted to just swap them out while the oil has totally bled out.

I don’t want to take the chance of jumping time but sometimes I think we take prevention to far and in the process cause other issues. I’m kind of worried about the possibility of introducing contaminants or damaging the gasket when removing the valve cover. I’m just curious as to everyone’s opinion.

I asked this question in another post but I thought the question would get more exposure on it’s own.

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