Planning a huge summer road trip. My son and I are leaving our home in NC and heading to the U.P of Michigan / Northern WI in June (1000 – 2000′ elev). No issues to this point with stock OEM set up). In July we will be heading to the Northwest, then working our way into the Southwest. Starting our western riding in either the Snowy Range or The Big Horns in WY (6000 – 10,000′ + elev). From mountains of WY we head to sand dunes of St. Anthony ID (5000 – 6000′ elev). From St. Anthony we head back to into high elevation in Utah at both the Arapeen and Paiute systems (5000 – 11,000′ elev).

So my question is this and I’m hoping to hear mostly from riders who live and ride these western areas; We are riding an S 900 EPS and XP 1000 (both 2017’s), I know I’m going to have to change springs and weights, I’m hoping to learn if there is a one size fits all set up for riding 5000 – 10,000′ elevations? Since the sand will likely put more power / performance demand on the engines than at the highest point where we will not spend a ton of time (from my understanding much of the mountain riding is done between 6000 – 8000′) is there a set up that people are using that works great at 5000 – 8000 but is also adequate at 8000+? Or do I need to go out with the idea that im going to have to change set ups accordingly at every ride spot? When in the mountains, our goal is to cover as much ground as possible between point A & B (anything short of 75 miles is a bad day to us), so we will be sticking to roads and trails that are condusive to such riding and foregoing trails that require slow and technical driving.
If changing is required I’m either going to have to buy entire clutch assemblies and pullers to swap out OR pay a dealer at every location to make the changes.

Any help and insight will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

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