I purchase a 2018 1000 trail & rock 12/29/17.

When I got it home it threw a code when taking it off the trailer.

I took it back to the dealer on Saturday 12/30/17 and was told to wait a few minutes they just needed to flash the computer and they could do it on the trailer.

4hrs later I was informed I would have leave it until Tue.

Tues I was told the map program they were trying to load was bad and that Polaris had to rewrite the program, call back at the end of the week.

Called back end of the week told factory was not responsive to the issue so they ordered a new ECU, check back next week.

Called them back, told the new computer could not be programmed because the factory program was bad(sound familiar) and the factory was not getting back to them about the issue.

I have been calling for updates every few days to get the same answer the factory is not taking care of the issue.

So now as of the posting of this it has been 22 days in the shop with no idea when it will be ready to use.

I paid $23,000 Dollars for a vehicle I have not yet been able to use.

DMV has already sent my green sticky and I have nothing to put it on.

Pretty bad when DMV has a better turn around time than Polaris.

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