Our RZR has been a great machine, no problems at all with the exception of the crappy 2016 clutch. Purchased it in January last year and by June I was researching clutches. Went to Moab July 4th for a week of fun. Had to be winched up Escalator because of clutch/belt issues wouldn’t let me climb the second ledge. Talked to a guy at the Golden Spike with a XP4/900 and Duraclutch. He talked highly of it when doing slower technical riding so I researched it hard when I got back home. Decided that would be my best bet so when it became available I sent off more money than I wanted to so I could have what I thought was the best clutch for me. I was not disappointed. This setup is fully engaged at a lower rpm than stock,:grin, and then stays in the starting gear till about 3200 rpm in low range so much easier to crawl around on the trails and obstacles. And OMG, the engine braking is incredible! All the way down to idle, at Arbuckle OK couple Saturdays ago,(on granite), engine braking only on down slope that were so steep I could hear the tires starting to slip. Very happy camper here.

Sorry for being long winded but I do love this clutch.

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