Xp1k 2017 I have about 250 miles on it
went out nighttime down a snowmobile trail (wheels) and got stuck
at one point I jump back in, throw it in H and throttle out hard from a dead stop to get out of my hole (no seat belt) and felt the engine loose power after revving up, later thinking the seat belt was the reason

once I was out of the hole my engine check light was on
i pretty much rode home at that point and only did about 3-4 miles total

later reading showed me belt slip could have caused the initial engine light to come on as well as the seat belt

now home this morning i checked the engine codes and got these
and 3K rpm range is rough at stand still

3056/4 something about black wire 02 sensor
520344/17 fuel corrective adjustment – lean

idle is searching, ranging about 200 rpm
i have disconnected the battery and driven around the block at 4500 RPM trying to reset it, the engine light started to blink then stayed on so i think i did it right and still getting those 2

opened up the fuel cap checking for suction
i am also considering replacing the intake boot with billet, one thread showed this as a potential problem for the lean condition.

other than that and ordering a new 02 sensor i am kinda lost at this point, sad thing is i am 1 week out of warranty

any help is appreciated

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