I’m the owner of a RZR 1000 2014 and I’ve got a problem with my vehicle. The engine runs fine for a while. Over an hour into the ride today, the engine missed a beat a few times (like if there was water in the tank, (but I don’t think there is). Few minutes later, it got a bit worst and the RZR made a backfire. I stopped about 30 mins to get a meal, then restarted the vehicule and then it was running, but I could not give it gas (it wouldn’t accept to rev up pass 2500-3000 rpm)

I then stopped at a gas station to put some gas in, about 26 liters. I restarted the vehicle and it was fine for the whole trip back home (about 45 mins), no problems at all.

Does it rings any bells to any of you?

I have an hypothesis. When I open my gas cap, I hear a lot of suction going on. Like if the air could not enter the tank properly. Could it be that the more I ride, the harder it gets for the fuel pump to suck the gas? Do you guys hear any suction when you open your gas cap?

Thx a lot!

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