Bought my 2015 xp1k 2 seater brand new from sun honda. Paid the extra $2300 for the extended warranty. Mine was a base model with 29″ bighorns, but sun sells lots of other machines with 32″ to 34″ tall tires on them. Took my rzr in for a warranty service due to a rear wheel bearing destroying itself and my front diff locking and unlocking whenever it felt like it. Sun has had my rzr for a month now and it still isnt fixed. They are trying to get the warranty to cover the repairs but last i talk to them they said “due to the 32″ tires your warranty is probably void” WTF? Dealerships around me sell brand new machines with 32″ or taller tires, so does that mean they are selling them knowing they voided the poor suckers warranty?

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