I found a pretty smoking deal on this ’16 XP 1000 a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty dirty and needed a little TLC but after some good old fashioned elbow grease, this thing looks pretty good! It had 900 miles on it when I got it and came with a few aftermarket parts already installed: Raceline Mambas, 30″ ITP Ultracross tires, TMW cage, lower doors, PRP seats, PRP harnesses, Sand Craft bearing, and Factory UTV full skid. I finally got to take it out Sunday to the Gulches in Colorado last weekend. The suspension and motor are a nice upgrade from the 900S. It blasts through the trails and over bumps that my 900 would have had taken pretty hard. The blue 900S is my wife’s rig but lately I’ve been letting my buddy put more miles on it than she has.

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