I apologize in advance for possibly asking dumb questions. Today was the first time I have taken my 2017 RZR XP1000 Trail and Rock out to break it in. Rode about 1/2 mile going 15 mph in low then stopped and put it in high.Gas gauge indicated 3 bars down from full so went to fill it up. Only took a little less than 3 gallons..gauge showed full. Drove about 4 miles and gauge then read down 3 bars again…not very reliable. Then had a “clattering” noise every time I backed off the throttle. It only lasted a second or two then stopped until I accelerated again. This happened at speeds from 25 mph to 40 mph, that’s as fast as I went. I also noticed the temp. was reading about 188 degrees and I’m not sure what temperature is being sensed. Is that belt area temp, water temp. or what? And what is normal? I will be going on long rides this weekend and don’t want to be stranded out in the boonies. Your help will be greatly appreciated. thx

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