Took my 2017 CP1000 T&R out on a 200 mile ride this weekend and have some questions. First, when going down a fairly steep rock and gravel trail I was in low and slightly braking and the rear end would lock up and I started to fishtail several times. Finally stopped and put it in high and was okay but also sounded like belt was slipping. I’m use to my CanAm Commander ( and was actually riding behind one ) that automatically slows down without braking. The one I was following never had to touch his brakes at all. How do you handle a situation going down steep downhills?
Second, several times before we started to go up a steep rocky trail I would stop, try to put it in low and I could not move the shifter out of high…at all. So I had to slowly climb in hi gear and could hear the belt noise. Then a few other times I was in low and couldn’t get it back out for quite some time. I always came to a complete stop before trying to shift. Most of the time I could go from hi to low or back again without any problems but the fact I was having these issues is a big concern for me. Never had this happen with my commander so I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if, in fact, there is a mechanical problem. I only have slighly over the 200 miles I just put on. Other than these concerns I LOVE this machine. Help!

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