I have a ’16 Xp1k Highlifter and I’m about to order my SuperATV 3-5″ lift and go with either some 33″ or 35″ BTK’s. The issue I’m running into is how tall I can go and still fit in my 82″h garage opening, which is standard run of the mill garage door height. There is a stucco header, 12″ or so wide, that I would need to clear. Once I get inside there is no issue with clearance.

If I go with the larger 35″s and the full 5″ lift I think I would only be an inch or two above the opening. I have seen people suggest loosening the shocks all the way but I don’t know how that will workout once the lift is installed. Another suggestion was to ratchet strap the shocks down in the back. I was also thinking I could weld a plate that could stick in the hitch receiver and I could stick some weights on it to lower it down.

Has anyone else figured out a solution to this problem? And no I’m not buying a new house for it to fit in, lol.

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