Need some info/advice on fuel pumps. I have a 2015 Xp4. I have had misfire codes for both cylinders since I purchase it and they would go away after a minute or two. July 2017 they didn’t go away. Took it in (RPM Warranty) and they replaced the fuel pump. October 2017 it blew a hole in a piston. After being jacked around for 3 months by RPM One they replaced the motor. Made it down the street and misfire codes. Took it back and they replaced the fuel pump. This was January when I got it back and completely missed dune season. Drove it only about 100 miles and got misfire codes. Took it in July 2018 and they replaced the fuel pump again. I have about 150 miles on it and today I am getting misfire codes again. I’m at a loss. I have not put a pressure gauge on it yet, but will verify pressure. I’m sure it is a fuel pump again. Warranty ran out in August so it’s my dime now. Haven’t bothered contacting RideNow. Are there any good aftermarket solutions for fuel pumps? My RZR is stock with a pratically new motor. Just walked in the door seriously bent ATM.

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