Had a pretty successful weekend. Put 130 miles on and the belt is still in one piece.

Since my previous thread I have added a Razorback belt temp gauge and a MTNTK blow hole and took some weight out of the primary.

The weekend started out with some real mellow short drives in low gear. Basically driving around the lake our cabin is on. Hilly and winding , it really varies the rpms. Put around 45 miles on like this, with complete cool downs every 10 miles. After that I did one pass to see how the clutching was. I seemed to be hanging at 8600 , so put just a little more weight back in, not as much as it originally had though.

Temps after all that.

Next day , the wife and I went on a pretty long ride, roughly around 80 miles. Half was a long straight dirt road with sustained speeds between 45-50mph, then half was slow technical sandy low gear trail, 25-30 mph no cool down stops. Ambient outside temp of 65-70 degrees.
Temps once we got to our destination 45 miles in.

Return trip, was all road with 45-50mph speeds, outside ambient temp was 80 degrees.
Temps on the return ride, 35 miles.

Pulled the cover after all that.

I was happy to see no signs of slippage and that the belt was intact. That is a positive for sure. The only negative I see is if I want to stop smoking belts I’m going to have to tailor my driving style. I really don’t think I can mix it up with my buddies and their single seat motorcycle engine powered buggies, dirt bikes and quad without overheating it. It is a disappointment that I have this great handling, great riding machine that can run hard but have to baby it if I want it to live.

On a side note , this X3 parked next to me. Wonder if they have any kind of issues ?

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