Maybe this has been hashed out a million times, but I had little luck searching.

I want to know how to get the best results with the stock suspension on my XP 1000. One of the reasons I bought this machine was the better suspension over the S, but to be honest I’m not really all that impressed. I feel like the ride is harsh compared to what I expected after coming from a 800XC with factory Walker Evans shocks. I’ve only got about 50 miles on the machine and I rode at first with the factory settings, the compression damping set in the middle, then I changed it to all the way soft. Slight improvement. The springs feel ok in the front, but way stiff in the rear and the ass-end tends to buck at speed over small jumps/woops. The rear spring adjuster is toward the bottom of the shock body and the front is toward the top. I ride mostly woods/rocks/trails of the northeast and would like to get a much more supple ride while maintaining or even increasing ground clearance, although I don’t think those two go hand in hand on stock springs. I will rarely see big jumps or high speed runs, but would like to blast down rough trails at a good clip.

Where should I start with the stock suspension? Thanks

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