I know this topic has been brought up a million times on here. But I just wanted to share my experience. When i had my 2013 800S I bought the 2 guys hobby bearing greasers. The machine had roughly 1200 miles on it when I replaced the wheel bearings and greased them. I sold the machine with around 1700 miles on it so I never really got to see how the wheel bearings held up. Last month I sold the 800S and bought a new 17 1KXP. I have only put 24 miles on this machine. I was digging around the shop today and ran across my wheel bearing greasers. Knowing that 1 of the 800S bearing greasers (rear I think) would fit the 1KXP, I thought “why not grease my wheel bearings and see how long they will last?” The left rear took 27 pumps. The right rear took 24 pumps. And both fronts took 22 pumps. I was also amazed at the amount of water that came out of these wheel bearings. Id say roughly 1/2 to 3/4 of a teaspoon each. Hopefully these wheel bearings will last significantly longer now

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