So yesterday I took the dive into my secondary clutch. I have never had to work on or have work done on my cars in regards to clutches or belts. So with that being said I went where I had never gone before. I followed Todds video and everything was going fine until Mr Murphy showed up. I could not manually break the bolt loose that holds the secondary on. So off to Home Depot to buy a impact wrench. I brought it back to my garage and it would not budge the bolt. So back to Home Depot to buy the big boy 300 ft lbs of torque. Broke it loose right now. Back to Todd’s video. I replaced all four rollers in my secondary and reinstalled the clutch. Now I did discover something that made the belt replacement way easier. After using the clutch tool and rolling the secondary to feed the belt on if you put a wrench on the secondary bolt it gives you way better leverage feeding the belt back on. The wrench allows you to turn the secondary with little or no strain. Took the car out for a test run and the first thing I noticed was no more rattle in the clutch. I attribute this to getting rid in the square pucks with Hunterworks round ones. Shifting was smooth up and down. Money well spent on his rollers. Plus his advice is free. Great guy and knows about customer service. Thanks Todd. BFR.:clap:
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