Hey XP1K guys,

I’ve got a 900S and just installed a rear bumper and tree kickers from JEI Offroad (see this thread: http://www.rzrforums.net/rzr-s-900/3…tml?highlight=) so I wanted to share some information here as well in case you’re in the market for these accessories. My uncle bought their rear XP1K bumper (see pictures of blue bumper) and I’d highly recommend giving them a look. They fabricate and powder coat all of their products in-house and the fit and finish has been excellent.

XP1K Rear Bumper: http://jeioffroad.com/products/polar…00-rear-bumper
Price: $275

XP1K Tree Kickers: http://jeioffroad.com/products/polar…dertree-guards
Price: $250

The tree kickers are compatible with the 900S/1000S/XP1K models, but there are bumpers specific to the 900S/1000S models and the XP1K models.

Be sure to watch in HD:

This video is the install process of my 900S bumper. It’s not identical to the XP1K install due to the radius rod plate, but very similar:

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