So I’m completely new around the SxS world. I’ve raced motocross for a number of years until 3 months of bed rest due to a crash did me in 4 years ago.

A friend of mine who raced with me ended up buying a 2016 YXZ1000R and began to peak my interest. I’ve began researching for hours up hours and have crossed out the YXZ, the clutch issues seem too iffy for me to take a risk on dumping money into fixing a problem that seems to occur quite frequently when trail riding. While I won’t be trail riding 100% of the time I’d like a machine that can be taken out on the track as well as behave in the woods which is when I came across the XP 1000.

At first I was looking at the S 900 and then the S 1000 but began to read that the XP model was a bit more stable and tended to jump better which is what I want. I guess the real question is am I making the right decision? Parts seem to be fairly expensive depending on what breaks, so what tends to break often? Obviously I know when you bash these things they will break, but under normal trail riding how do they hold up? My Fiancee has given me the green light to start looking for one so I’m eager to jump into one but spending $15k+ and being locked into a loan agreement for years to come is a lot to think about when I’m new to this sort of thing and want to make sure that I won’t be breaking A-arms or axles every weekend out.

So opinions are greatly appreciated. I’ve already been quoted $14899 for a 2017 RZR XP 1000. So I’m ready to go pick one up in the next few weeks.

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