Okay this is going to be a fairly long post….I’ve been reading these forums for a while but never had a reason to make an account and post untill now, but I’d really like some opinions before I get too deep.

Traded in my 2014 XP 1000 4 seater for a 2016 XP 1000 2 seater last month and I’ve decided to start upgrading with a few new parts a month and have it built the way I want by spring of next year. I kept my 2014 mostly stock with just basic upgrades(doors, roof, winch, stereo) but I’m looking to spend a bit more on this machine. Here’s some info to help with opinions/suggestions on something I might have missed:

-Live up in Canada and will be riding all year and into the fall/spring in the snow until it hits about -20Cish and then parking for a few months
-We ride about 90% trail(hills, bush, sandy trails, hard packed), 10% mud. Live right close to everything but do need to do a few miles of highway to get out there each time. On my 2014 I’d used my winch maybe 3-4 times in a year.
-Put on roughly 4-5000kms a year so I don’t want something that wears out too fast.
-Basic stuff is done to the new 2-seater already – Doors, pro armor 4 point harness, half windshield, roof, rear mesh, winch and a highlifter 3-5″ lift that hasn’t been installed yet.

Im planning on keeping this XP for at least 3-5 years so here’s what I’m thinking about ordering. No, I don’t do much mud riding but I’m mainly looking for the realizability of the heavier duty parts, not just for the sake of having the higher clearance but it will be nice in the winter :
-High clearance forward offset A-Arms(and upgrading ball joints)
-High clearance trailing arms
-High clearance radius rods+2 inch receiver plate
-3-5″ lift(Already ordered and being shipped out. Went with highlifter)
-Tree kickers
-Rhino or highlifter heavy duty axles
-I haven’t made any decision yet on the wheels. Leaning towards 15’s on 32’s but I’m not sure how aggressive I want to go yet.

I’m just wondering if I should wait to install the highlifter 3-5″ lift or is it going to be alright to put that in first? Just worried about stock axle angles(lift will be on the lowest setting) and would the stock 29″ bighorns look too small afterwards? I could wait until I get my axles and wheels in but I’ve only got a day or two every two weeks to work on things so I’d like to install as they come.

Also…I do have another option for my tire/rim combo but I cannot find any info on people doing this before with duratracs. I’ve got a set of studded 265/70R17 Goodyear duratracs in new condition. They’re roughly 49lbs each, 31.5 inches tall by 10.4 wide. If I bought a set of 17″ wheels is there any reason why this would be a bad idea to mount up? If I did do this I’d use these as a trail tire and sell my bighorns then get a second set of more aggressive tires for my stock wheels.

Open to all opinions thanks
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