Has anyone ever made new bars that run behind the seat and cut the plastic so the seat can be moved back a few more inches? Im a real big guy, 6′ 10 or 11 ish, and im tired of feeling cramped in my 900xp. It gets to the point that longer trips become un enjoyable. I know it can be done in a 4 seater but they are just to long for my liking and riding style. I know there is room between the firewall and motor i just have yet to really look hard a xp1k and see how much. Just wondered if its ever been attempted, or even discussed. I cant find anything searching. If it was something i would dive into i would like to go all out and make it look as factory as possible being that i would probably keep it forever. I have no other complaints with my xp900 but im running out of ideas, ive tried just about everything.

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