Just picked up one of these for my ’18 RZR 1K XP HLE. The HLE has the 2014 clutch cover on them due to the snorkel set-up so only 1 intake and 1 exhaust. Decided that I needed to get some more flow through the Housing and I really liked this product since it is aluminum and slips in place inline and comes with a plug and play harness.

I do low speed trail riding and mudding, where I often place high loads and low speeds on the clutches, not often do I run WOT and if I do its for short amounts of time. For me a CVT Blower made sense.

Seen those amazon bilge blowers and decided that is not going on my RZR, its not a home depot project, no offense to anyone doing it, just not my style.

Anyone else running one of these and how did you find it? I’ll do a video review soon as I get it installed and tested.

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