I decided to see if I can add a electric wiper with a washer function to my XP1000 using marine components. I don’t have all the components yet so I’ll be doing this write-up as a series of post to this thread over time.

The windshield I have on my machine is one made by SXS and can be found here. Ventilated Windshields | Polaris Razor Windshield | General Windshield I currently have a manual wiper on it and it just doesn’t do the trick as I like keeping both hands on the wheel.

The first thing I received was the washer pump and reservoir. which was delivered today. This is the one I purchased. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-Univers…53.m2749.l2649

Today I worked on figuring out how and where to mount the reservoir/pump. The location I chose to mount this is under the drivers seat next to the battery, this involved making a simple bracket to secure it. The unit fits in there very nicely. The unit comes with spray nozzles and mounting hardware etc. and seems decent for the price, but we’ll see how it holds up over time. Here’s a photo of it mounted.

The other components I have on order for this are the following:

The wiper motor.

The controller.

The wiper arm.

The wiper blade.

I went with the adjustable arm so I can adjust it as needed, the old manual wiper had a 11″ arm and a 11″ blade.

Well that’s all I can do on my write-up for now until I get more parts in.

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