I picked up my new RZR, the 2017 LE XP 1000 with Ride Command. I decided to tear it all the way down before I even rode it so I could really hide all of the wiring and I don’t have dirt falling in my eyes when I’m laying underneath it. Overall it wasn’t too bad, and it’s so much easier working on it when it’s clean.

I decided to go with the Switch-Pro 8100 to control everything instead of rocker switches. So far I really like it and it’s so easy to hook everything up. As of right now I have it controlling 1 – 30″ curved light bar, 2 – 40w cubes and 12 blue rock lights. I also wired my ignition in to it so I now have push button start.

The other accessories I have right now are:

– Assault Industries metal roof
– Super Atv spare tire carrier
– Super Atv storage box
– Polaris windshield
– Polaris 6 click retractable harnesses
– Pro Armor stealth metal doors (I still have to install those)

I also got a SSV glove box sub enclosure but I’m having a hard time figuring out what wiring harnesses I need to add extra speakers and a sub to the ride command system.

Let me know what you guys think and if anyone can help me with the wiring harness info I’d appreciate it. The rock lights look purple in the last picture but they’re blue like the other picture shows.


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