So to set up the story, I ride with 2 coworkers frequently, one of which purchased my xp9 a couple years ago the other is not significant with his can am 800 commander, My friend / Coworker sold our beloved xp9 without taking too much of a loss and found a 16 xpt on craiglist, no recalls done has polaris interactive display, aluminum polaris doors with matching spectra orange graphics and a rear bull color match rear bumper, rear windshield 650 miles for 19k, my advise was buy!!!! (new units locally 16’s going 21k).He agreed!!. So long story short he is looking forward to being top dog for a change on our rides, rather cocky abt it lol, My Q is, how bad should I expect to get beat with a stock turbo?.. I’m running a tuned ecu, alba exaust/fuel contoller and a dalton clutch that is dialed in?.. he takes delivery next week and I promise to post the aftermath of our race lol
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