I was looking for some advice on a potential XP1000 that is for sale in my area. It’s a 2014 with 6500 miles and 450 hours on it. The guy that owned it is a good friend of mine and traded it in on a new Turbo. It has a lot of accessories like seats, bumper, arched arms, harnesses, etc. that I figure add up to another $3000 retail. It’s been rode hard but he did maintain it and he had the normal wear items and a few minor clutch issues but nothing major. I currently have a pristine 2012 RGE RZR4 800 with less than 2000 miles on it (I don’t ride enough). I’d like to make the jump to the XP but can’t swing the price of new one and accessories for how few times I ride a year. The local dealership is asking $11K and it’s been sitting for six months. With all the rebates on new ones I can’t imagine the used market is too strong. Would you be scared of a 6000 mile XP engine? I know I’ll have to do some work on it but if I only make a couple dune trips a year and tinker around the farm surely it has some life in it for a while without major issues? I’d probably get rid of my 800 as I don’t need two rzr’s plus I have 900 Ranger Crew now. However, I’ll probably take a bath on the 800 as I’m sure they don’t have much value anymore. Probably isn’t much room left to barter down, but does this sound ok or should I look for something with a few less miles?

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