As the title says I have a new XP1K with 16 hours on it thus far. I brought it through the woods no problem down to a swimming hole and when I went to leave I put it in high thinking it would be fine going up a hill because the main logging road was just on the top of the hill and the bike crapped on me. It was like I lost all power for a second. Then I put it in low and tried and it did the same thing. Left it off for a few minutes at the top of the hill and put it back in high and it took off no problems at all and within 5 minutes of driving down the road above 4K rpm or so, the lights cleared themselves and I had no further issues?! I’m super confused and just wondering what could have caused this. I read on this site people had mentioned speed sensors but mine wasn’t wet or anything nor did I submerge the bike in mud or water on my drive to the swimming hole.

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