Only owned my 1000xp for 2 weeks. Only rode It on the trails. Putting it in 4×4 to hit some small mud holes.. Never really put it to use. Last night during a long night ride.. My axle broke.. (knine racing axles).. It was a rear driver.. So worst come to worse.. I shoot it in 4×4 to make it home.. Light came on like normal.. Noticed the unbroken axle pulling like it should.. “spinning”.. Came to a slight hill.. The passenger side wheel spinning like hell.. NO FOUR WHEEL DRIVE… Came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be able to make it.. Backed up to get a slight run at it.. Bam.. Four wheel drive worked fine. Until I let off of the gas or stopped.. Next hill or water hole.. Same problem.. No 4×4 again.. Backed up and 4×4 worked again.. Until I stopped or let up off of the gas.

Anyone ever heard of this? I have no slack in my diff.. The rzr only has 900 miles.. Mind you they are rough miles but none the less there’s no play in the diff. Can anyone help?

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