Hey Gang!

We have a licensing agreement to develop sunglasses for Polaris in a co-partnership! And we are going to introduce these sometime in mid-summer to early fall.

We are working with a company that has launched an extremely popular multi-million dollar line of glasses in the top end market that sell for $200 – $300. Our Polaris glasses will have the same kinds of features but be 50-75% less than that. You can see some general ideas of what we are looking at below from our rapid prototypes (colors are not relevant as those will change.)

We are launching eight different frame styles at first and so we need eight great offroad oriented names — one for each style. If your name gets chosen, we’ll send you a free set of glasses when they are ready!

So get those names going. We once named our VIPER ELITE winches based on board feedback and we want to do the same here!

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