So, I have a 2016 XP4 1000 that I just purchased used with 130 miles on it. Decided to check the clutch/belt for no other reason than general principles. Seemed to run fine other than some fluctuation at higher road speeds.

There was some rattle at idle…more than I thought was normal but everything rattles on these and I am still getting used to the machine.

Anyway, decided to pull the clutch/belt cover and when I did I could hear something roll down as soon as I started to pull the cover away.

Based on thsi photo below, it seems like it stayed trapped against the secondary clutch hold down bolt/outer sheave.

I bought this machine used, it has 5 point harnesses on the front and the seatbelts removed. In my mind, this looks like a nut that is used to hold a buckle or reel to the frame/cage.

What do you guys think? Based on what I found, I think it was dropped down the clutch vent tube during a time when the filters were off? Did 2016’s have some recalls that would have required removal of the filters and perhaps the tech dropped it down?

Either way, my main concern is that it’s not something from the clutch itself.

What do you guys think?

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