So it had been about 10 months since I last used my toy hauler. It had a little over a quarter tank of gas in the tank that feeds the Gen and fuel station. I had put a crapload of Sta Bil the last time I used it and figured it wouldn’t hurt anything if I just top it off with fresh gas and just run the gen and razor with it. well both ended up crapping out on me by the end of the weekend, but I don’t think it is the bad gas because my fuel station pumped seized after I tried pumping some gas into a gas can to see what it looked like, and I noticed it had black chunks of whatever the heck in the gas and most likely the culprit. My questions are
1: How hard is it to pull the tank out of my razor so I can clean it?
2: does the Razor have a fuel filter other than the one in the tank? because I didn’t find one…
3: is there a process to clean injectors?
4: any other issues this may have caused that I should look into?
Any ideas will be very much appreciated,
*and yes I know I was just being lazy, I should have drained the old gas, but like I said I am getting black chunks that look like rotted fuel line or something. then I looked under my hauler and noticed the rubber filler tube to the tank is cracked and rotted and leaking a little bit of fuel and that might be where the contaminates are coming from. once I drop the tank on the hauler I am going to replace all the rubber lines, and filler tube, clean the tank and add an inline low pressure fuel filter to the line that feeds the fuel station pump.

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