I went down to camp rzr and had my machine break down, right in the parking lot where they were doing recall checks, the clutch sleve? broke in 3 places. The tech looking at my machine right on the spot said it shouldn’t have just broke. They pulled it apart and said Polaris should cover it etc. Bringing it back to Canada Polaris denied the warranty saying it wasn’t covered under warranty. Trying to blame the tires that I have on it up here which are 32″ At the time of the break it had the stock tires on.

I refused to pay so my machine is sitting at the dealership with a repair quote of $1300.00

New Clutch
New Belt
Misc parts

This machine has under 300 miles, just wondering a few things like…

Can you buy a complete unit clutch etc aftermarket? I keep seeing clutch kits but I need everything.

Is there an appeal process on warranty claims through Polaris?

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