I am installing the Polaris Rear Poly Windshield on a XP1K. It is in 2 pieces and you have to cut out the 2 trim pieces on lower section for the harnesses.

The instructions then says to cut the trim pieces and reinstall on the lower section to prevent harness rubbing. The instructions here are not clear. Looks like you are supposed to cut the 2 pieces you just removed and reinstall them flat back on the lower panel. However it is not clear on how you would reattach and doesn’t seem right. Anyone know what this is?

Also..how do you push the ROPS mounting clips on to the panels. There is a notch meant to lock them in, but trying to push them on feels like I am going to break the panel before I get them on. I have tried separating a little with screw driver or holding them open with channel locks, but I have got to there is a believe better way.



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