We purchased Polaris Ride Command system several months ago. Its been a dry spell for trail riding, but we are looking to plan a trip. Finally installed Ride Command only to discover…. according to MBQuart.com, that it doesn’t work with other head units. All else seems to be working fine… but we would like sound!

We have the RZR XP 1000 3-PIECE MTX COMPLETE AUDIO SYSTEM BY POLARIS (front, rear, sub-woofer, speakers). It was installed by the dealership at purchase of the machine. Is there any way to integrate, at a minimum – the speakers, these two systems. I really don’t want to spend $550 for door speakers and amp plus the $20 cable connection, that isn’t even available yet (the recommended system for now Polaris MB Quart) because Polaris MTX won’t integrate with Polaris Ride Command.

Any wiring recommendations?

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