I take my car in for all the recall issues to get worked on.Two weeks latter I give them a call to see if my car is done . dealer tells me that the car is having misfire issues and there’s problems , and the new re flash is going to make your go into limp mode if the belt slips , clutch slips , spark plug foul ,etc etc . so now I’m spending money to fix my car that ran perfectly fine when I brought it in with 35 hours on it because the new re flash recall is putting it in limp mode . So the deal is even if your car running fine when you get the recall done chances are that if you go up a hill or off a jump or stand on the throttle to hard or your belt is too worn your new recall reflash ecu is going to put it in limp mode and ruin your fun until you take it back to the dealer to reset it ! This is crazy sounds like a full class action law suit to me shame on you Polaris !
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