One of the hidden gems in the 2017 Polaris Model Year release (see Polaris 2017 Model Year Press Event) is a Limited Edition RZR XP 1000. When most people are focused on how much horsepower and suspension travel are on the turbo machines, I zeroed in on the Gold Matte Metallic LE Signature RZR XP 1000.

As an avid rock crawler, I have always lobbied for a lower gear ratio in low range and it appeared to me that Polaris not only listened, but crafted a special edition just for me. I call it the #CrowleyEdition!

The 2017 Gold Matte Metallic LE Signature RZR XP 1000 is one of three special edition RZR XP 1000’s for 2017 and has “added capability to dominate trail and rocks.” Well that sounds great, but what is different?


  1. Low Range: All-new 55% lower gearing in L optimizes the grunt at low speeds to conquer the most challenging obstacles. An all-new low speed throttle map gives you more torque, control, and responsiveness at low speeds when you need it most. Reverse has also been strengthened just like the High Lifter Edition.
  2. Gated Shifter: Go from H gear to Reverse and back to H without guessing which gear you landed with the all-new gated shifter featured only on this limited edition.
  3. Strengthened from Half Shafts: The strengthened front half shafts pair with the all-new transmission gearing for a tougher, rugged driveline for all day riding on the trail or in the rocks.
  4. High Clearance Suspension: High Clearance Lower A-Arms and Rear Radius Rods are stock, giving you 14 inches of ground clearance to keep you riding high above the trail’s obstacles.
  5. Walker Evans Racing Shocks: Industry-exclusive Walker Evans needle shocks deliver next level performance and tuning capabilities. Aside from the ingenious anti-bottom needle technology, the 2.5-inch diameter rear shocks feature tool-less 16-position compression dampening control, allowing you to tune for a smooth ride in any condition. 2.5-inch rear and 2.0-inch front shocks.
  6. Pro Armor Crawler XG Tires with Beadlocks: The Pro Armor Crawler XG tires have been battle tested and approved by many of today’s best off-road racers and champions. From slow sure-footed rock crawling to high speed trail running, this tire delivers ultimate performance for the rocks and trails thanks to a square-patterned design and “sticky” soft compound. And beadlock wheels along with an 8-ply sidewall for added durability over the gnarly stuff.
  7. Winch: 4500 lb Polaris Engineered winch with durable synthetic rope.
  8. Protection: Full HMW skid plate, rock sliders and front bumper.
  9. Click 6 Harnesses: Stay comfortable and secure on the trails with the premium Click-6 harnesses for the driver and passenger. A retractable shoulder belt allows more freedom of movement compared to other belts, and securely locks when needed for safety. The system is fully adjustable to fit all size riders and is easy to buckle and adjust even while wearing your helmet and gloves.

I got my name on the list for a demo unit and it showed up at Placerville Polaris in late September. First thing I did after getting it home was check out low range. It definitely had more grunt and control at slower speeds, and I could do about 30MPH on the top end!

I had to check it out in the rocks so a few days later we headed to the Rubicon Trail to check it out in the rocks. Other than the spare tire carrier (Polaris part #2879464) the RZR was completely stock.

Full details: 2017 Polaris RZR XP 1000 LE Rock Crawling Review

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