First I would like to thank you guys for having me here. When I was younger I used to race motorcross, now at 52 I have moved to the 2018 RZR 1000 XP 2DR W/RIDE COMMAND.

I purchased it brand new about 5 months ago and do the maintience and wrenching myself, because the closes Polaris dealer is 50 plus miles away. The machine has about 200 miles and 21 hours on it at present.

I put it in the air in my garage and I noticed that both rear tires had a small amout of play in them so I purchased some new bearings from SuperATV and was planning on installin the tonight. Well, I took both rear tires, brake cal and hubs off. Instead of taking the hubs off and putting new bearings in, a friend who has spent many years in the sport told me that Polaris puts very little grease in the bearings from the factory and to pump some grease into them with my cool tool I bought from SuperATV. Well both sides took over 17 pumps each before it filled up. I put everything back together and no play at all. I believed all along that it did not need bearings that fast but did I fix the problem or just bandaid it ???

Thanks for your help and knowledge.



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