I pulled my transmission the other day to replace the snapped reverse chain. Mounted it back and followed the manual to the best of my ability. I have both of my clutches installed and torqued to spec. Both rear axles are installed in their tranny housings. I turned the engine over just to make sure that it would start, but I had to disconnect the gear indicator sensor because I don’t have a park anymore, according to my indicator. So, when the shifter is positioned to the very top, it thinks it’s in reverse instead of park. Reverse position on the shifter is actually neutral, and so on. The high gear on the shifter doesn’t feel right either. It feels like it will slip from gear, and it is really easy to knock it out of gear.

What I think I know:
The gear indicator sensor only goes on one way.
I lined up the detent star with the splined shift shaft.
I stripped the threads on the splined shift shaft where the bell crank attaches.
Stripped the original bell crank keyed threads, so replaced with a steel bell crank and it keyed right into place.
There was only one way to fit the shift fork and shift drum in place with the internal gears.

How do I get my high gear back?
How do I get my gear indicator to show parking again?

Model: RZR 1000 XP Ride Command ‘17

Thank you for any and all help ahead of time.

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