This is the 2nd time after tearing it all down, cleaning the threads and re tightening the spider with red locktight and the nut with red locktight as well. Today it backed all the way off again…

I’m to the point i think there is something else going on and its just best to buy a new Primary clutch. Also my RPMs have always been higher then they should be per clutching after talking with Todd at Hunterworks and actually shipping him my clutches for him to install the Dalton clutch kit. So i know all that was done right.

Has anyone seen this or have any feedback as to why this could be happening? I have read of it before where it kept happening and a new primary was what ended up fixing it. Something about it spinning on the shaft? Im new to these clutch systems to bare with me here guys! This started happening with around 600 miles on the machine of 95% easy road miles riding doing country cruising. I don’t ride this machine hard. So i dont understand why it keeps backing off unless there is another issue with the primary clutch itself.

Any info would be greatly appreciated as this is getting frustrating! Today where it happened i was stuck MILES down the country roads out by my house.. Luckily an old lady eventually came driving by and gave me a ride home so i could go get the truck and trailer. Good thing as i couldn’t get cell service and it was going to be a LONG walk back home!

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