I want to thank Todd at Hunterworks and Duraclutch for eliminating my very irritating belt squeal. I bought the Duraclutch for my Gold Rock and Trail LE last August. Since day one I have had a very loud belt squeal below 4500 RPMs. I have a friend that bought a Duraclutch at the same time, and his belt did not squeal. Todd arranged for Duraclutch to send me a replacement belt and that did not help. I loved the clutch otherwise so I decided to live with the belt squeal. The squeal finally got so bad that I was considering removing the Duraclutch. I had the clutch alignment checked with the SDI alignment tool and installed their plate and it did not fix the squeal. About a month ago I mentioned the belt squeal in a post. Todd read the post and asked that I contact him. He arranged for me to return the primary to the factory for repairs. I understand that they put in a shim (washer) in the primary to make it grip the belt tighter. It worked and eliminated the belt squeal. Now I only have the normal chirp at low RPMs from the belt scrubbing the small diameter of the primary when the sheaves are fully opened. It is a very soft chirp and only happens occasionally.

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