I don’t really see a “racing forum”… which is kinda weird to me since almost every series out there is dominated by Polaris entries.

Anyhoo… it looks like we finally found and repaired our clutch properly after the Florida round of the Gncc. It turned out to be a Cracked spider nut. I can’t believe we didn’t check that two races ago. lol

Well, he said he didn’t feel like he was driving any harder, but is car was just pulling so well now he could make passes when needed too.

He came around lap one in 6th over all… right Behind Yamaha contracted driver Cody Miller and right in front of CanAm’s contracted driver Tim Farr.

Lap two he dropped to 8th, and then down to 10th over all on Lap 3. By this time he had a good lead in the XC3 class, so I was giving him the “slow down” on the pit board. He slowed a little to hold onto his class win and still netted a 15th over all. The over all finish isn’t that impressive… but 3 laps in the top 10 was!

Here is a short video promo clip… for those who don’t enjoy watching a whole lap video:

Here is the whole first lap for those who do enjoy watching… if for nothing else, check out the Music he decided to go with… Must be his Mom’s side coming out!

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